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Artcure Diffusional Patch Dolor Barcelona

ARTCURE® DP, It is intended to alleviate the treatment of herniated disc disease, with an action that modifies the physiological process within the herniated disc through a mechanical effect.



There is a structure called the intervertebral disc that serves as a pad between two vertebral bones of the spine. The interior of this structure is called the nucleus pulposus, a gel-like structure that contains approximately 80-90% intercellular water. The nucleus pulposus is surrounded by a highly elastic solid structure called a fibrous ring. If the fibrous ring tears or wears and causes a soft gel-like structure to flow into the spinal canal, this medical condition is called a spinal disc herniation (herniated disc). If the herniated disc presses against the spinal nerves, the resulting clinical picture is called herniated disk disease.

 Herniated Disc represented in red.

Symptoms: pain radiating from the lower back to the legs, pain radiating from the neck to the arms, pain in the lower back, neck pain, limitation of movement, signs such as numbness and loss of tenderness, muscle weakness.

After Artcure application:

It takes 24 hours to perceive the improvement and approximately 48 hours to complete the recovery.

It can be used in both intermediate and advanced stages of herniated disk disease. • There is no risk of under-utilization or excessive use for ARTCURE® DP. • The risks related to the application are very low provided that the warnings and precautions for use are duly respected. • Even if the patient’s characteristics are not ideal for application, no adverse effects will occur due to the mechanism of action of ARTCURE® DP.

Artcure patch application in lumbar area.

Application of Artcure in cervical area


+ Ensure an accurate diagnosis: the patient must have an accurate clinical diagnosis (which includes, among others, MRI and / or other radiological tests and physical examination), as well as other causes.

+Need for magnetic resonance of the patient: they are required to determine the exact location of the application

Improvement control: the MRI taken before and after ARTCURE® DP is essential for comparison and verification of improvement. Magnetic resonance imaging also reveals the level of herniated disc.

+ Patient’s eligibility for the product: the patient should not use the product in certain cases (see “Warnings and contraindications”). These conditions should be reviewed and detected by a doctor, if applicable.

Expected product performance: ARTCURE® DP produces better results when the herniated disc is NOT foraminal stenosis, lumbar spinal stenosis, calcified disc herniation. In these cases the product can still provide a degree of improvement.

Control side effects and preparation: Depending on the individual conditions of the patient, the product may have several side effects (see “Side effects”). Consult a doctor before using the product.