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Acupunture Dolor Barcelona


Acupuncture produces general balance of the organism by returning the energy flow that was previously lost due to emotional, physical, chemical blockages, etc.


Acupuncture is a therapeutic technique that develops from needles that stick in certain points of the body.

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Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine. Its objective is to restore the health of the patient through the insertion and manipulation of needles in the human body.

The needles are metal, usually made of steel and disposable although there are also gold, silver or copper and they have different sizes and thicknesses. The aim in the puncture is to obtain the “sensation of Qi” which consists in obtaining a slight current or tingling. Acupuncture points are linked together through the “channels or meridians.” There are fourteen main channels that cover a total of 361 points. To these we must add the Ahshi points that correspond to pain points.

Indications of Acupuncture

  • Pain treatment: headaches (tension headache, migraines, Horton C etc.)
  • Treatment of musculoskeletal pain.
  • Treatment of visceral pain.
  •  Facial paralysis treatment
    (from Bell)
  • Pain treatment in rheumatic pathology: Osteoarthritis, RA, Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Fibromyalgia
  • Treatment of dental pain.
  • Treatment of anxiety, insomnia, stress (smoking, obesity).
  •  Herpes Zoster treatment.
  •  Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  •  Anesthetic action.
  • Menstruation disorders: (dysmenorrhea
  • Dizziness and dizziness treatment.